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Nashville Real Estate

Why Madison Beat Out East Nashville

Madison, TN

Joe & Sandra

Coming from the UK and Serbia, this sweet couple met in college and the rest is history! After calling Nashville home for years, they were ready to plant roots so they attended my How To Buy A House Class. Shortly after class, we set out to find their dream home: a historic cottage in the heart of East Nashville. We looked at a couple darling historic homes loaded with character, but Sandra and Joe noticed that their initial goal might not match their needs. Many of the older homes that we toured lacked space and an open floor plan, plus they were priced closer to the top of their budget because of their location.

I suggested that we take a look at a couple homes in Madison, a growing suburb just a short drive from some of East Nashville’s most popular spots.

Madison, TN

The couple was surprised when they fell in love with a new construction home in Madison, but couldn’t deny the perks. Without maxing out their budget, they were able to find a wide open floor plan with high ceilings, loads of natural light, and plenty more square footage. We even got in early enough that Joe and Sandra were able to work alongside the builder to pick out custom finishes, like paint colors, and watch the finishing touches take place. They were pleased to score a stunning, brand new home with a lower price tag than some of the outdated and cramped East Nashville homes they saw. Sometimes it pays to think outside of the box and be open to new areas!

Nashville Real Estate

We are confident that with the growth Madison has seen in the last couple years (and continues to see), Joe and Sandra’s house is not only a home, but a worthwhile investment and an appreciating asset.

Congratulations again on your stunning first home, Sandra and Joe!

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