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Brentwood Real Estate

Airbnb Chronicles

Jordyn & Jon

These newlyweds have been friends of mine for a while and were now ready to purchase their first home together, but with a mission: to live there for free. As the Director of Business Development at Magnolia Title, Jordyn works with home-buyers daily, so she knows the tricks of the trade! They were determined to find a home within their budget of $300,000 that had some sort of space for a short-term rental, ideally with a separate entrance and a way to lock it off from the rest of the house. After searching for this needle-in-a-haystack house, the PERFECT thing came on the market, and we knew it was meant to be.

Loaded with potential, Jordyn and Jon could picture the updates they would make to the kitchen, the wall they would remove to open up the floor plan, and the transformation they could make from an outdated basement into an Airbnb getaway.

We closed on the house and before I knew it, I was receiving progress photos. Check it out for yourself— they did a phenomenal job!

Before & After

They revamped the whole basement and added a full bathroom! Now they rent it on Airbnb and are able to live in their house while producing additional income! If you know of someone needing a place to stay in Nashville, let me know and I’ll connect you with Jordyn and Jon!

Congratulations again, Jordyn and Jon! I’m so excited for you to enjoy your beautiful home and start receiving those Airbnb checks! Who doesn’t love a free house?!