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Brentwood, TN Real Estate

Making Room for Five

Katelyn & Evan

Katelyn and Evan are my clients with the highest, longest-standing record – this was our 6th transaction together! These crossfit-gym owners already had their hands full with a successful business and two beautiful boys! Why not add a third baby to the mix? Katelyn, pregnant and determined, called me with the good news and we set out to sell their Nolensville 5-bedroom, 4000+ square foot home and find their dream home in Brentwood (and dream school district) all before baby #3. Talk about go-getters!

Nolensville to Brentwood


After selling their Nolensville home over market value, we set out on our Brentwood house hunt. One important thing that Katelyn and Evan were looking for was a garage space with tall enough ceilings to house a small gym of their own. We found a gorgeous and spacious home on a large corner lot that happened to have tall enough garage ceilings and were sold! They have plenty of space for their beautiful family to grow into and the boys will get to attend fabulous schools in the coming years! Also, did I mention the huge screened-in porch? It’s a boy mom’s dream to sip coffee on this porch while watching the boys run out their energy in the backyard! Congratulations, Katelyn and Evan!